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Donate towards a pair of #kicks that will serve foster children starting the new 2023 School Year. More than 420,000 children and youth are already in the foster care system. Many of these children have or will experience trauma. Many of them will never reunite with their biological family. #treasuredkicks Treasured Kids purpose is to provide foster care children a sense of belonging.


When a new school year starts, many children will often have new clothes, new shoes, new backpacks, and many other new things, while many foster care children often do not get these opportunities. This often presents a challenge to them in the classroom, socially, and academically. Bringing a smile to foster care children through a new pair of shoes will go a long way to ensuring that all children can have the same opportunities in a healthy school and social environment.


Help us provide foster care children with a new pair of kicks for the new 2023 school year.

#bethedifference #treasuredkicks

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#bethedifference #treasuredkicks

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